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Connecting with Your 

Inner Guidance ReTreat




Coming soon 

British Columbia, Canada

If you are a woman who is stuck but really wants to change things  - to do something that truly aligns you with what you dream of having, being or doing - but needs a boost to jump start your confidence and excitement. Then join Judy Basso and her team for this powerful, self-discovery weekend ReTreat. You will learn how to make YOU a priority for what's to come, with the help of your Inner Guidance. You will get to practice new habits for caring for yourself better and to allow amazing things to unfold in your life.

A perfect get away, just for you

Giving yourself permission to do something just for you is the first, best, step to help you in this transitional journey.

Truly hearing your Inner Guidance and learning to trust it, inspires you. Having clarity like you have never had before, realizing that self care as a priority, not giving in to what you "should" do, is a so freeing. Being able to see the clues that are provided to you on a regular basis amazes you. Our team helps guide you to that life of ease and peace that you crave that is just waiting for you. 

At our breathtaking ocean side ReTreat we will help you to decide that life-enhancing changes are possible and how to make your experiences more enriching.


You find yourself in a most magical setting in Victoria, BC, Canada - a place known for evoking a sense of calm and peace. You luxuriate in being on this wonderful "Island in the Pacific", but one with a difference of with snow capped mountains in the distance! You breathe in the fresh, crisp ocean air. You feel oh so comfortable in the beautiful retreat space, a stunning AIRBNB, that is so inviting with its hot tub and a cozy fireplace for you to snuggle up to on these crisp autumn days.  You are in the perfect place for peaceful reflection on the direction of your life. 

You find yourself smiling as you think about the fantastic day you just had: truly being nurtured and cared for to the depths of your soul. You feel safe and secure while thinking about the new possibilities that your life can have, creating a new story - with YOU as the focus - with confidence and joy. The perfect place for women, like you, ready for big changes in their life.

At the Revive and Thrive ReTreat, you are set in a pristine natural setting 
where you ignite your imagination.
"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you."   Steve Jobs
This is me! This is exactly how I feel! 

Does this resonate with you?:

Your time is spent on everyone else's needs.  Your dreams and plans are always on the back burner.

At our ReTreat we will help you move into a state of relaxed openness and delight where we focus on you and your dreams for what comes next and how to make it happen.

You have so much going on in your life that it is hard to take the time to focus on what you want.

With all that is going on in your busy life it is hard to make yourself the priority. We get it. We will show you how to take new, small steps every day, to help you shift in to a new and empowering mode. One that will subtly change the way the people in your life view, and respect you - and allow that change to happen more easily giving you a huge feeling of relief.

Change looks daunting, you can't even begin to know where to start.

Those great ideas that keep coming to you are dying to be manifested.  But you fear that it is too big of a leap from where you are to where you want to be.  How can it possibly happen?  We will show you how the power of taking inspired action - responding to life rather than reacting to it - can make change more welcoming to you.

Yah, but... deep down, you don't feel deserving to have this thing that you want.

We will help you Unhook from the stories that are holding you back, Unlock your true potential and Unleash what IS possible. 

Everything seems so serious and chaotic around you.

Time to be gentle with yourself, allow some fun and humor to have your attention.  Lighten up and have fun with what you are doing. By making a conscious effort to do this, things will change in your life and around those who are in your life. It is contagious!  Learn how to cultivate this way of being more!

Now that you know what you really, really want, what next?

You find your self day dreaming about what that new idea could look like if you could only make it happen.  We encourage day dreams!  Let yourself go and feel the feelings you have once you have achieved what you want - even if it is only a dream.  But oh, what a powerful way to dream that is!  It is helping to create your new reality.

Why should you join us?

By the end of this ReTreat you will have relaxed and discovered a portal to the next calling in your life. With the assistance of intuitive, caring and knowledgeable coaches, and the wisdom of Abraham, you will have received the guidance and tools for authentic empowerment and insight.


You will be zeroing in on what is needed to lead you to the confident and joyful fulfillment of your intended goals – perhaps a significant career change, achieving financial objectives, better over-all happiness. Come away with a felt sense that life is on your side helping you create a future that has heart and meaning for you. 


Life transitions truly can be

extraordinary experiences! 

The Venu
The City…


We will be gathering in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. You will fall in love with this stunning ocean side jewel of a city on the Pacific coast.  The energy of Victoria is calming, quiet and compelling.  A perfect place for our gathering. Who doesn’t like Canadians?  The people speak English and are very friendly and welcoming to all. Victoria, a place that is equally charming and visually breathtaking, steals your heart. 

We are still working on booking a fantastic, memorable, relaxing space for us to meet at for 3 days.  Stay tuned for updates!

The Cuisine


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Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 1.53.10 PM

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The Cuisine…

As Foodies, we know and appreciate great food! When we selected our venue for this special gathering, we made sure that the food was exceptional there! You will love it!

We may go to places like the Snug Pub, which is Victoria’s first neighborhood pub ever, and the perfect place to enjoy good spirits among friends. Enjoy scrumptious goodies like:



We will dine in a few of Victoria's outstanding restaurants, depending on what the group feels like

Intimate dining rooms with stunning ocean views, or a cozy setting showcasing the very best of the Pacific Northwest.  High tea is a must in Victoria, this also can happen!


Maybe it is a cozy street-side cafe that we can 

stop by for a gourmet coffee, freshly baked pastries.


Relax next to the fire or on the licensed outdoor sunny patio – perfect for enjoying the afternoon sun.

If you don’t eat this or that – no worries –

we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.

The Delights…


Don't you just love the idea of being cared for in a luxurious setting for 3 days?

What can you expect if you spend 3 days relaxing and enjoying yourself on an exquisitely decadent Canadian ReTreat?

Our ReTreat is spelled with a capital “T” on purpose! You will be in the lap of luxury and in the most caring hands.  We will guide you to your next steps and give you the space you need to just Be.

Planned nurturing time. This will be your time to do what your Soul desires and needs. Gentle suggestions will be provided for you to delve into your deepest thoughts and wishes. 

You will come away with: Clarity, Empowerment, Strengthening your Authentic Power and KNOWING that Life is always supporting you!


What will be happening?

A warm welcome awaits you at the “Getting to know you” gathering. We will start to ponder “Creating a new Story” and what that may look like for you.  The importance of proper rest and dream time is presented in a fun and insightful way and as a tool for creating your new story. This is your opportunity to begin to wind down and turn within, and start some new daily habits to help you achieve your new life.

We will be introducing how to look for the Signs, Signals and Clues that are coming your way and are meant just for you. What to create? Getting clear and asking for what you want.

Working from the inside out, we gather in a very intimate and cozy setting where you will be exploring effective ways to transition from fear to trust.

Taking Inspired Action.  Noticing what has been coming up and what to do about it. 


unique ritual: a way for you to let go of the past and welcome the future of what is to come - followed by hot chocolate!

You have some great ideas and inspirations: now what?  The Challenge of Change, Next Steps, and Moving Forward are presented and explored. 

Reviewing your tool kit.  What you are taking with you to help you on your next steps - for sustainable change!

The Benefits…

  • Revive & Thrive ReTreat provides an elegant, supportive setting for women who feel like change is just too daunting, need to feel more confident and secure about the decisions for their future and who wish to reinvigorate their spirit to get confidnetly get clear on the next steps in their life.


  • Skilled, compassionate, ReTreat facilitators provide daily tools to inspire guests in a graceful creation of a deeper understanding of themselves to create clarity regarding their new vision for the next phase of their lives.  

  • Revive & Thrive ReTreat is committed to providing a memorable experience that is enjoyable, transformational, and a catalyst for change in your new future. 

What is included?

  • A Pre ReTreat online gathering a few days before we meet in Victoria to meet everyone and to get a sense of what is to come. 

  • Two knowledgeable, highly respected Coaches have your undivided attention and encouragement for 3 days. You find it easy to tap into the ever-present Infinite Resource of life in deep in meaningful ways.  We’ll also provide you with simple, doable, repeatable and effective tools to help you through your transition to the new way you want to live your life.

  • Welcome Reception - a chance for everyone to get to meet and mingle. Bubbles and bites provided.

  • Energetic group sessions – one each morning and evening - guided with the love and caring expertise of our Presenters. 

  • Personal time.  Time that you need to just be you and be totally taken care of. Time to just focus on what your heart is yearning to have happen. Time to journal. Time to ponder.      Time to relax.  Time to just sleep. Time to receive the gifts that you are being given at this amazing ReTreat.​

  • Supplies for special sessions 


  • Releasing ritual

  • Yummy Snacks and beverages during sessions & breaks

  • Continental Breakfasts each day

  • Delicious Lunches included

  • All guests staying at the host venue will have access to the following

    • Wireless internet 

    • Complimentary parking

    • 24 hour snacks, coffee and tea

The Bonuses!

  • Special surprises - throughout the weekend await you 

  • A complimentary, post weekend, online Vision Board Workshop - presented by our ReTreat Leader, Judy Basso

  • Signs, Signals and Clues, the book - Authored by our Presenter Willie Carter​​.  Be sure to get her to sign your copy!

 What is Not Included?

  • Round trip Air fare, or other transportation, to and from your home.


​Note: first session starts at 5:00 pm on a Thursday. (tentative date is October 17,18, 19 2020) Please ensure that you have planned your travel to be there at this time. It is very important for you to be at this first session.

  • Ground transportation options will be provided for you to choose from 

  • Accommodation - W may stay at a  fantastic Air BNB or beautiful hotel.  There will be some space available for the first few who book the retreat at a modest cost at the Air BNB.  Options to stay at accommodations close by will be provided for any people over the amount of rooms we have. We highly recommend that as many participants as possible stay at the venue where the Re-Treat takes place to ensure group cohesiveness.

  • all dinners and high tea are at your own choice and expense. We will provide an opportunity to pre-order meals as possible. 

  • Travel, medical or trip cancellation insurance​

  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, incidentals, spa services, taxis, tips 

  • Want to explore Victoria a bit more? Pre and post trips extensions can be made. Stay and enjoy the ambiance longer perhaps!

  • Optional: Integration sessions to help you after the weekend​​ ReTreat. Including ongoing support with personal one on one sessions with our Follow up  Program to keep you on track with your intentions.

Your Investment

Your investment

  • For the 3 day weekend ReTreat the cost is $1797, Canadian funds, + plus applicable tax. Rooms at AIRBNB are an additional $90 per night, based on shared bathroom and possibly sharing a room (limited number available).  You can book minimum  of 3 to 4 maximum nights at the AIRBNB. Accommodations would have to be booked separately otherwise. 

  • A payment plan option is also available.  Monthly payment amount can be worked out, with final payment due  October 1, 2020.

  • Please be sure to read and understand our Cancellation policy quoted on this web site.


  • This ReTreat is limited to 8 participants!


The venue is a 100% SMOKE-FREE environment.  All areas, guest rooms, balconies, patios, restaurants, facilities and surrounding grounds of this Hotel are designated non-smoking

The Retreat Leaders

The ReTreat Leaders

About Judy

Your curiosity has brought you this far.  Now, you may be interested to know more about the person who is heading up this program. That would be me.

My career choice is one that has brought me such joy, fun, excitement, creative avenues, prosperity and it has had a huge effect on my life in general.  I am an award-winning Event Planner who has had my own business for 30 years.  I love my work! However, along with all the fun part of my job came a lot of stress, anxiety, post event full-on exhaustion and a sense that I was spiraling out of control.  The job was running me; I was not in control of it. At the time, I thought it was just the job that was overwhelming.

In addition to running my successful business and having a very busy life, I also was caring for my aging parents.  A job which I did with my whole heart and soul.  The busier I got, the more stretched I was becoming – and interestingly, not even knowing that I was being stretched to the extent that I was. 


I was now on this train that was just going and going, with very few stops.  The “destination” on this train got further and blurrier as I stayed on it. I just ended up riding and riding it without question.  There was no time to question or even ponder something different. 

Eventually, it became just my wonderful mother that I was caring for.  She lived with me and I made sure that she had everything she needed medically, socially, physically, spiritually – all of it.  We were the best of friends so it never seemed like what I did for her was “work”. We had a lot of fun together.  She made me laugh every day. She was also good for my soul!  The older she got, the more time, care and attention were required, but I never really noticed that.  The change was incremental.   I was just moving things around in my life to accommodate all of her needs and was happy to do so. 

Then the time came for her to go with the angels. Literally.  (THAT is a whole other wonderful, amazing story!) Obviously, I felt grief and was sad. It hit me very hard. There was a huge hole in my life.  I felt paralyzed and found it very difficult to function.  As a strong-willed person “who was in control of my life”, I thought that I could get back to “normal” after a couple of months or so. I was just going to ride it out until then.


I had my work to keep me busy and distracted. It had to get done, too. I had several events booked after she passed away that clearly had to be taken care of.  As a business owner, there is no such thing as Compassionate Leave.  You just have to keep on going and going. It wasn’t until 6 months after she passed that I was able to give myself permission to take 1 month off to take things a little slower – something I had never done in my entire business career. Take one whole month off at a time. This was a huge deal for me to do. I was utterly exhausted like never before.  The one thing that I figured out in that month was that one month was not enough. I needed one more month – which turned into 6 months. Then, I only did what I really had to do for my work and focused on me. 

During this time, I reached out to my Life Coach, who has become my dear friend, Wille Carter (who is presenting this retreat for you with me).  I can’t begin to say how much she helped me to become a better version of me.   I listened to her, and incorporated some life changing new habits into my life.  It took time, but the difference in my life is remarkable!

I came to realize that, without planning it, caring for my mother became another full-time job, on top of all of the other responsibilities in my life. When I didn’t have that to do anymore, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t running as fast to get everything done like I used to. I felt inadequate as I wasn’t doing as much – only one full time job and living my life… It was a huge “ah ha” moment when I realized that my new normal was not having the other full-time job to deal with.

I was made to appreciate that all of the things that I had made sure my mother needed to help her live a quality, fun and joyful life were now things that I wanted to do for me. To have the same kinds of things in MY life.  I was doing things for ME to be social, have fun, be cared for - medically, socially, physically, spiritually – all of it. For me to be a priority for me!   

The really interesting thing is that since I have made self nurturing the focus in my life I have slowed down the pace of my life and my work. I am getting more done, making more money, having more fun and I am HAPPIER! It is really amazing how this works!!! 

My dream now is to use my Event Planning and life experiences to create a platform to help others to figure out how to do this in their lives.  To come to a beautiful setting where you will be pampered and deeply cared for in a fun, unique way. At our ReTreat, you will learn some effective, sustainable and practical ways to make your life better.

I hope that you are still curious enough to know how that all happened.  Please do join us for our ReTreat in Victoria where you will experience having compassion with yourself, find balance in your life and find out what saying YES to yourself looks like.  

About Willie

Willie Carter (B.A., B.Sc., Masters Spiritual Psychology) is a teacher, life coach, mother, friend, adventurer and tea/dessert enthusiast. She has accumulated a lifetime of clue seeking to help you recognize your own personal guidance system made just for you. Willie has always had a profound interest in what makes people tick and who they really are. She truly loves and honors the simple joys and wants to take out the unnecessary suffering of everyday life. She is a practitioner of Psych-K - an amazing process that truly dissolves huge issues that are keeping us back.  This This is why she has created Signs, Signals and Clues as a tool to uncode the human experience.
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