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What attendees had to say...


This is an Incredible self care concept!  The outcome was way beyond my expectations.

This ReTreat was LIFE CHANGING

As I write this, It is two months after the ReTreat and I STILL feel so grounded.  I still am in the euphoria of it all.  What we learned IS sustainable.

Incredibly, all of us who ended up attending the event had common issues that we needed to address and heal from. The interesting thing was that the Judy and Willie were so flexible, that they were able to easily address the needs of the group, while still maintaining the integrity of the message for the retreat.  We all recently experienced losses of key people in our lives.  I found it was a way to process the loss on a visceral level. 

Interestingly, all of us who came to this retreat had just recently experienced losing someone very close.  (It shows that there are no coincidences) Judy and Willie dove right in to assist with what the primary needs of the group were.  Yes, there was a plan of what to present, but they used their Inner Guidance to present what we needed to hear as well. We really learned that incredible self care is the true way to process grief loss.  They showed us how to do it and incorporate it into our regular lives easily. It is stuff that you normally wouldn’t do for yourself. 

Self nurturing is relaxing, fun and had an unexpected ease to it. It didn’t feel like “work”. It just flowed naturally, which is how it is still happening in my life.

Everything we learned about has helped me in my personal life as well as my professional life.   The tools we learned are applicable in all areas of my life. It is simple and easy and makes it easy to continue to do and apply into my everyday life.

What I learned help me gain the knowledge, confidence, and traction to move forward with my life. I was stuck and didn’t realize how much I was.

Now I know how to really trust my heart and learning to go with my heart, not my head.



Everything about this ReTreat was SO well organized, professional, warm and homey. There were unexpected surprises all the time that just delighted all of us.  It is like nothing I have experienced in a workshop type of situation.

All that was presented spoke directly to my Soul!  It is definitely a Soul Centred program. There were so many new things that I never knew about that I can apply or have access to.  It was so fascinating.  They presented so many new concepts for self nurturing, often on a spiritual level.  All that we learned was definitely sustainable. It is fun to know these tips and tools and knowing how to apply them to my life.

Being at this ReTreat slowed me down to think about me – always.  I am no longer the after thought.  I am much more forefront in my mind. It is easier than I thought it would be to do. I find it effortless to do now.  The people in my life, personally and professionally, appreciate me more now too.

We all traveled to get to the venue, Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria.  From the moment I walked into the hotel I felt the lift of energy and incredible peacefulness. It was the perfect place for this ReTreat. You can tell that so much thought and care was given to the selection for the perfect venue for this event.

This group was a safe place to share.  Confidentiality was discussed at the beginning and accepted by all.   A very strong connection was made with all who attended.

Getting a  lot of rest during the ReTreat was encouraged.  It was indeed a retreat. Nothing was rushed or tied down to a hard schedule. It was such a relaxing and pleasing environment to be a part of.

It was an excellent price for this ReTreat. I received so much value for the money spent. 



I can’t recommend enough that you attend a Revive and Thrive Self-Nurturing ReTreat presented by Judy Basso and Willie Carter.  Your life will be so much better for it.  Things will flow better and you will just feel so much more connected and truer to yourself.  Don’t hesitate to sign up for this program.



Tina Peters

Mineral Baths 2.jpg

Dear Judy,


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for one of the greatest weekends I have experienced in a very long time!


I am not sure if this experience can be put into words. How do I portrait the admiration and gratitude this experience deserves? Judy, you and Wille put on an amazing Re-Treat.  It truly was a treat too!!


I am very grateful to be reminded of ‘things’ I have always known! I truly believe we are all born knowing the intention that “God” or The Universe has intended for you to experience and learn from. In the course of everyday living and learning we are so often told to…


  • stop dreaming and get to work

  • get your head out of the clouds

  • just do it the way you were told

  • not to be silly

  • we are not that kind, that is for the rich to enjoy

  • you shouldn’t try that

  • not everyone is going to have a dream job

  • don’t be weird, that’s not how it’s done!


I could go on for pages I’m sure, but you get the idea! This weekend reminded me that every time I have trusted my instincts and just tried or let the signs guide me it has always led me in the right direction.

I encourage everyone to take the time, invest a few days in just you! I know that I will, once again, be more aware of the signs, signals, and clues that have always been there. We are be constantly trained or made to believe that these urges, voices, or dreams are not ‘practical’! SO NOT TRUE!

The most important thing you can do for your future health, wealth, and happiness is to invest in yourself, FIRST!

This quote seemed appropriate for me as I was summarizing: “You are the light of the world. Do you know this? Everyone is, when they choose to be.” Quoted from Neale Donald Walsh author of Conversations with God.


I think the most important thing I have taken away from the weekend is, you just have to ask – and be open to receive!

Thank you, Judy

With Love,


I participated in Judy Basso’s Revive & Thrive, Self-Nurturing Re- Treat at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia.  The whole experience was wonderful from the moment I walked into the hotel until the moment I left this luxurious and magical setting on the craggy shores of the Pacific Ocean. 


Judy Basso’s care, attention to detail, and graciousness remained impeccable and sincere throughout the entire experience.  The discussions were relaxed, intuitive, warm and well guided.  Along with a co-facilitator, Willie Carter, Judy encouraged the participants to become confident in finding and navigating new ways forward to nurture self-care and happiness. 


Judy Basso’s Revive & Thrive, Self-Nurturing Re- Treat certainly was a nurturing treat, one that I will look forward to participating in again.


Thank you, Judy. 


Sincerely and with gratitude,

Tricia Sellmer


It is now several months after the ReTreat in Victoria and I can honestly say, it has changed my life!

I keep remembering what was talked about:

  • noticing what you are noticing – how powerful that is!

  • take time for yourself! Be totally ok with it

  • meditate on a regular basis – it really DOES help you to have a better connection to your Inner Guidance. I can hear it much better and trust it more. It also surprises me how little time it takes to do (15 minutes a day) and how good I feel when I do it. I have made it a wonderful new habit that I look forward to. I like that there are so many options to do it in an easier way too.

  • I tap in to the feeling of that weekend often.  The people that were there, were all the ones that were meant to be there. It was truly divinely guided.

  • I loved the way we all had a common thread, “just by chance”. It helped all of us to connect on an even deeper level as we were going through similar experiences

  • I have learned to take more time for myself, and I am actually getting more things done and am more productive!  Who would have thought?

  • The energy of the ReTreat was so powerful, that is STILL with me.  I often just close my eyes and am fully there with everyone and it still totally rejuvenates me.

The manner in which the ReTreat was presented was so relaxing, fun, intriguing (all the little surprises along the entire way were thrilling!) and memorable. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I will never forget it. I was excited to go to this, but the results of this were beyond my wildest dreams!  I can’t wait for more of your ReTreats! 

This was truly life changing. I look forward to more!


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