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A wine festival event during Covid??

How does one put on a wine festival while recovering from a world wide pandemic?  

By getting creative and being determined to have some fun - safely - that is how!

When faced with the reality of not being able to present my wine festival, that is going into its 23rd year, I knew that I still wanted to be able to provide my guests with an opportunity to celebrate wine. I figured out a way for people people to engage in a fun event, with options to dine in or have delivered, with those who they are close with, those in their "bubble".

We experimented with our first one in July and have tweaked to make it even better this time around for #2.

Guests who choose the DINE IN option will have a wine tasting table to sample from the featured winery O'Rourke Peak Cellars, wine paired samples served with each course - with an option to purchase a full glass or bottle with dinner. DELIVERED option tickets are a bit less but have the option to purchase the wines to pair with your dinner.

All prices include gratuities.

Each ticket sold also includes a donation to Kamloops West Rotary.

I hope you come and join us, for this, and future events, in what ever way you are comfortable! We will do our utmost to ensure it is safe and enjoyable.

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Learn more about wine!
Wine Tasting Events
Book Stack
Library Books
Wine Sketch

The Thompson Regional Library joins with the Kamloops Wine Festival this year to bring you all kinds of great resources about wine.  Learn about all of the nuances of wine tasting, try new wine themed recipes, watch wine related videos,  get pulled into great stories centered around wine and more. 

Catherine Schmidt of the TNRL will be providing ideas on  wine and food pairing books at our event. 


Check out the wine-themed options in the Kamloops Libraries. 


How does this all work?

  • It is a hybrid event - part "DINE IN the Restaurant”; part "DELIVERED"

  • Guests have the opportunity to join in for the 40 – 60 (approx.) spots available at Romeo’s First come, first served.

  • Tables of up to 6 in a bubble permitted “DINE IN THE RESTAURANT OPTION”. 

  • OR Guests can have a "DELIVERY OPTION"

    • delivered by Kamloops West Rotary for a minimum donation of $10 per delivery, within a 20 km radius

    • Food will be delivered before the event starts, with reheating instructions.

  • physical distancing protocols will be encouraged for off site events

  • protocol guideline sheet to be provided 

Wine Cheers
Red Wine
  • How many courses and which winery is being featured?

  • It is a 3 course dinner, paired with 3 different wines from O'Roukes Peak Cellars from Lake Country

  • ​​Done in conjunction with Wine Wednesdays promotion at Romeo's. 


  • Each Bubble Wine Paired Dinner party series will feature a different BC Winery.

  • Is wine included with the ticket?


  • For guests who choose the DINING IN OPTION, a sample of wine will be provided with each course. If  dining-in, they have the option to purchase by the glass, ½ litre or full bottle (or they can drink what ever else they want}.

  • There will also be a wine tasting table set up with several wines from the featured winery.  Guests will be called up with their bubble to sample the wines, one table at a time.​


  • Wine will be charged on consumption at the restaurant


  • For guests  having the DELIVERY OPTION they have the opportunity to purchase the wines for the pairings with the courses by buying full bottles. Delivered Option tickets does NOT include the price of wine. We will be providing an option to buy the wines when ordering your meal for delivery as well.  

  • All bottles of wine will be charged very close to liquor store pricesAny unfinished bottles can be capped and taken home from restaurant.
Wine and Cheese
Bottles of Wine

How will this help Rotary International?

  • Rotarians will be delivering your dinners to homes with style and efficiency.  

  • Deliveries will be made within a 20 km radius of  The Coast Hotel.  

  • There is a minimum $10 donation for the delivery that goes directly to their initiatives to help our community.

  • A portion of every ticket sold is being donated directly to Rotary

How will everyone be connected during the dinner? 

  • Guests are invited to submit photos of their gathering on the Kamloops Wine Festival Facebook page.  Submitters will be eligible to win prizes

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