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Speaking Engagements

Judy Basso is available to speak at your event


  • Angels... at the hour of your death. 

    • hear of my first hand experience to help convince you there is a heaven!​

  • Revive & Thrive Self Nurturing - Sustainable tips on having a better life.

  • Beyond 55, learning a fun, new normal - find out how to sail through this period of your life with confidence and joy.

  • Create Your Life with Vision Boarding - Vision boards work to make things happen in your life! Really!

  • What makes a successful special event? 30 years event experience speaking to you!

  • How to create exciting and profitable Client Appreciation AND Cultivation events - making events work for you! How to VERY SUCCESSFULLY market your business by hosting an event

  • Identifying Your Ripple of Influence.  How you may have impacted so many others - without really knowing it.

  • Learning the art of great networking. Learn the hows, and how nots by the proclaimed "Queen of Networking".

  • Scared to set up your trade-show booth? We can show exactly how to set up a successful trade show booth exhibit.

Here's what they say about Judy's presentations!

"You have so much energy and enthusiasim!" D. Hollinger


"Judy really knows her stuff. I have never felt so confident in having a

great trade show booth. Her ideas really work!"  S. Sanderson


"The way she talks about events, with all her experience, makes me have

a whole new understanding about how they are done. She makes it fun". T. Terrance


"I never knew that I had such a profound influence on so many people. It really opened my eyes to things that I was never aware of. I approach things differently now!"

R. Davies

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