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About Judy Basso

Here's what they say about Judy...

Quote from client, Chantelle Stone of iCompass Technologies:

“I have worked with Judy on several events in both non-profit and corporate environments and am always blown away by Judy’s commitment to her projects.  Judy takes the time to get to know her customer’s goals for their event and brings no holds barred inspiration and creativity to meet those goals.  Whether you have a small budget, a large budget, or no budget, Judy’s presentation is always uncompromised and her events are executed with poise, professionalism, and a special joy that only Judy can bring!” 

  • "Judy has the essence of grandeur, is dynamic and inspirational." Renie S.

  • "She is expansive and visionary." Olivia R.

  • "You were the glue that held our event together and then you sprinkled some of your fairy dust and made the wedding magical".  Valerie Takahashi

  • "Judy, I am in awe of the confident manner that you create a joyful and abundant business.  you have broken through so many limitations of how business is supposed to be. You are the example of how it should be." Lauren M

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  • "Judy is creative, strong, committed and true.  She is a woman of action.  She not only talks but follows through with her actions. Her successes speak of her following her inner wisdom and listening to her insights and ideas and manifesting them. She boldly goes!" Kasey C

  • The words to describe her: " radiant, sacred garden, dancing jewel, bold partnership. Penny H.

  • "Judy is a powerful manifestor and worker of magic infused with brilliant sparkly alchemical energy that ensures everyone wins.  As a masterful Fairy Godmother of event planning, she can litterally spin straw into gold." Max Wellspring

  • "Judy is confidence and power. She leads in a way that uplifts and supports those around her. Her ability to bring her spark of inner beauty and scared space and magically make it a tangible reality, to inspire belief." Kathy B.

  • "She is a brightly shining star, exuberant, enthusiasic, motivated, hard working, committed to expressing her creativity in the service of others. She goes the extra distance to create magic in the world".  Margaret M.

  • "Judy you are amazing, outstanding, awesome - you see and create beauty helping others tapping into the deeper, more profound and lasting meaning." Bonnie S.

  • "Judy is joy and explosive potential. I really get the feeling that she is poised for exponential growth." Jeremy K.

  • "A joyous celebration embracing the world. That is Judy" Pat S.

  • "The way I describe Judy: Excited, joyous, shining, talented, creative and ever reaching for better. Such a sweet Abundance Fairy." Allison A.




Quote from colleague Lauren May:

“Judy Basso has been such an inspiration for me during the more than five years that I have had the privilege of knowing her.  While her creative talents are most visible in the end result (the beautiful events she manifests), the most inspiring part for me has been understanding HOW she creates.  It is commonplace in business to force and demand results into place.  That is not the Judy Basso way.  Judy gives her clients permission to dream without limitation so that she can get a clear picture of the experience her clients wish to create.  Then her 'Judy magic" allows that vision to come to life through experience, intention, and faith.   She has a remarkable ability to make the impossible...possible.”

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Caroline Slade Photgraphy

Judy's Favourite Quote:
"I try to live each day as if I have DELIBERATELY come back in time, to this specific day, to live it and enjoy it as if it were my final day in my ordinary, extraordinary life! I am the luckiest person!
In our daily time travels we all can do our best to relish this remarkable ride"
Quoted from the movie "About Time" 2014.


  • "If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it."
  • "The better it gets, THE BETTER IT GETS!!
  • "Find ways to be happy and make happiness a conscious part of your life."

  • "I create magic. It comes by having a positive, excited feeling as you are creating your new experience and imagining how it feels once it has been manifested."

  • "Everything is about relationships. Creating amazing relationships with people opens all kinds of doors to great business and experiences."

  • "I want people to feel the way I generally do. I am always happy and positive"

  • 'I love to create joyful experiences!"

  • " I want people to know that we do have influence on others and it does make a difference!!"

Quote from Employee Lacey (Stark) Bleth:

“To put it simply - Judy is truly extraordinary. She is an absolute delight to work with and work for. She is not only fantastic at what she does, but also a treasured mentor. Judy’s passion and dedication to her work guarantees value and produces beyond impressive results. She is professional, encouraging, caring, goal-oriented, detail-minded, ambitious and tremendously creative.”


  • Certified Prosperity Guide - designated presented by the Choosing Prosperity and Prosperity Partnership Program - in New Jersey USA

  • Winner of the BC Events Award for Best Wedding
  • Winner of Kamloops Chamber of Commerce for Best Home Based Business
  • Finalist for Canadian Events Industry Award for Best Wedding
  • Nominee for Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year
  • Founding Board Member of International Special Events Society, Pacific Northwest chapter (first chapter to be in Canada)
  • Founding Board Member of the Canadian Special Events Society
  • Judge for the Canadian Special Events Industry Awards
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