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My Dream Book...

The Book- The Ripple Effect of Your Influence

A couple of years back, I announced that I wanted to write this book.  And was gearing for it to be published very soon after.  However, life took some interesting turns and I had to shelve the project.  It is still a dream of mine to write and it will happen one day soon, when the time is right - to write! 

I am still looking for people willing to share their stories on how something they said or did had a huge influence on others or something to happen. 

Please contact me if you have a story to tell. It may be part of this book!


Or for those of you with a dream to become a published author and step through all the doors having a book can open up for you, then here is your opportunity.


In true form to my event production expertise, I’m producing and publishing a book comprised of inspirational stories. This true-story collection illustrates to the reader the rippling effect one's influence has. It may be Co-authored project consisting of a collection of inspirational stories of how one's influence - of a thing that they have said or done - has had a huge ripple effect. Something that has made a profound difference in the lives of others - something that amazes you when you think of how YOU ignited the spark to make it happen - is the kind of story I am looking for.


The book will be going to print when all the right stories have been assembled .


For those of you who hear the calling, contact me buy clicking on this button. 







You do have an influence and it makes a difference!







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