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High-End Events & Retreats:

Judy Basso:

"I help entrepreneurs create extraordinary, high-end events and retreats so they can attract, convert and  retain ideal, high-paying clients in a fun,relaxing  and exquisite(!) atmosphere while allowing my clients to be the BEST at what they do!

Effective Client Appreciation/Cultivation Events

The very best way to get new, and sustainable, clients is to put them in a room with your best clients and friends! We create an atmosphere that is fun, relaxed, unique,  exciting and most of all MEMORABLE so that you can establish better relationships with those that you work for, and with new prospects.  Our proven strategy for this plan includes a unique follow up system that keeps you front of mind and makes you more money.


As an award-winning event planner with over 26 years of experience, I produce the event from concept stage and then provide concierge-style service to ensure every need of my clients and their audience is met and anticipated from the minute they walk out their front door to moment they arrive back home. Our goal, as a company, is to make our hosts look and feel like a star so all they need to do is show up and give their amazing content while their guests are wowed. We also partner with our clients to help them leverage their event experience to cultivate new leads and keep current clients coming back for more.


If you would like to have an exciting, well organized, thoughtful event and have fabulous results,  CLICK below to apply for a Complimentary Consultation with Judy Basso Events.


Clients have used words such as these to describe our work:


Quote from client, Chantelle Stone of iCompass Technologies:

“I have worked with Judy on several events in both non-profit and corporate environments and am always blown away by Judy’s commitment to her projects.  Judy takes the time to get to know her customer’s goals for their event and brings no holds barred inspiration and creativity to meet those goals.  Whether you have a small budget, a large budget, or no budget, Judy’s presentation is always uncompromised and her events are executed with poise, professionalism, and a special joy that only Judy can bring!” 


Quote from colleague Lauren May:

“Judy Basso has been such an inspiration for me during the more than five years that I have had the privilege of knowing her.  While her creative talents are most visible in the end result (the beautiful events she manifests), the most inspiring part for me has been understanding HOW she creates.  It is commonplace in business to force and demand results into place.  That is not the Judy Basso way.  Judy gives her clients permission to dream without limitation so that she can get a clear picture of the experience her clients wish to create.  Then her 'Judy magic" allows that vision to come to life through experience, intention, and faith.   She has a remarkable ability to make the impossible...possible.”


Quote from Employee Lacey (Stark) Bleth:

“To put it simply - Judy is truly extraordinary. She is an absolute delight to work with and work for. She is not only fantastic at what she does, but also a treasured mentor. Judy’s passion and dedication to her work guarantees value and produces beyond impressive results. She is professional, encouraging, caring, goal-oriented, detail-minded, ambitious and tremendously creative.”


Book a 15 minute strategy call with Judy Basso to see how she can spin some magic for your company!


What they say about us...

Our Philosophy

​Creating more happiness in your life equals greater profits in your business – because your attitude changes and greater things are attracted to you

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